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Oil / Water Seperators [ More Info ]

F1 Fuel are proud to be the manufacturers of the Knight 1000 Supa Seperator which is 100% Australian made and constructed purely of the highest grade stainless steel.


Baldwin Filters-DAHL Fuel Filter/Water Separators [ More Info ]

The majority of existing fuel filters arenít designed to remove significant amounts of water. They are in fact designed to do their job in a single step. This means they must be porous enough to allow sufficient flow volume, which limits filtering ability. Any tighter media would result in frequent and expensive element changes.


De-Bug Fuel Decontamination Units [ More Info ]

At F1 Fuel & Lubrication we are fully aware that fuels are prone to contamination by bacteria, fungi and algae. When this happens, the results can be disastrous, filters plug-up and engines fail, always; it seems, at the worst possible time. Acids produced by bacteria increase acidity of fuel, thereby shortening the life of pumps, injectors and even lines. Resultant engine failures can be catastrophic and at times, life threatening. Even if the engines do not fail, damage caused by "bugged" fuel adds to maintenance costs far in excess of the cost of adding the De-Bug system. In most cases, ning the fuel tank just once costs more than a De-Bug supplied by F1 Fuel & Lubrication.


Lubrication & Greasing Equipment

F1 Fuel are the appointed repair agent for Macnaught, who are a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of premium quality grease guns, oil pumps, fuel pumps, hose reels and flow meters, exporting to over sixty countries worldwide.

Tecalemit has been a name synonymous with lubrication equipment since the 1920's, and commenced manufacturing operations in Australia in the early 1940's.


Fuel Management Systems

F1 Fuel & Lubrication provide only the latest technology in fuel management systems by offering Datafuel as the preferred system for keeping records of all your fuel transactions. Typical benefits include:

  • Secure unattended around the clock fuel access for Authorised Personnel
  • Increased fuel efficiency through effective reporting
  • Fuel savings due to automatic tracking of fuel dispensed
  • Labour savings due to electronic processing of fuelling information.
  • Elimination of the errors inherent in manual fuel recording system

The Datafuel system is a must for small to large fleet companies as a means of tracking fuel consumption as well as the added security needed due to rising costs of fuel. Datafuel systems have been installed around Australia including Local Councils, mines, bus companies, marinas and other small to large companies.

Datafuel has an Australia wide network of service agents as well as their own technical support staff to offer clients a high level of technical expertise and service. Be sure with Datafuel as they have the policy of JOB DONE RIGHT, FIRST TIME.


Spill Control Systems.

F1 Fuel is the official North Qld distributor for Ecospill who are a leading supplier of spill kits and environmental safety equipment, providing quality spill kits, spill containment products, floor bunding and safety cabinets.


Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings [ More Info ]

F1 Fuel offers a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel pipe, fittings & valves in both 304 & 316. Including flanges,elbows,reducers,teeís,sockets and nipples.


Intrinsic Torches [ More Info ]

F1 Fuel & Lubrication offer a complete range of safety approved flashlights, made in the USA by Pelican & Streamlight. Safety approved flashlights are for hazardous areas where the atmosphere may contain grain dust, flour, starch, combustible plastics, hazardous vapours and gases. For use in the following explosive atmospheres only: gasoline, petroleum, naphtha, alcohol, acetone, lacquer solvent vapors and natural gas. Safety approved flashlights meet with all Federal Government specifications.


Camlock Fittings [ More Info ]

F1 Fuel & Lubrication stock a comprehensive range of Camlocks. Camlocks are used to connect and disconnect fittings on piping or hose, they come in a variety of materials including Aluminium and Stainless Steel to be used with different liquids and a variety of sizes to accommodate hose or piping diameter.


Quick Break Detergents & Degreasers

F1 Fuel & Environmental distribute a range of environmentally responsible range of Quick Break cleaning products to ensure::

  • Outstanding cleaning ability
  • Fully effective quick break action
  • Optimal performance of water treatment equipment
  • Environmentally friendly performance (biodegradable)
  • Superior efficiency & cost/benefit ratio to conventional cleaners


Hoses [ More Info ]

F1 Fuel offers a comprehensive range of Hose, Fittings, Couplings and Hose Assemblies to cover a broad spectrum of industries including Petroleum, Automotive, Chemical, Concreting , Sandblasting, Food, Agriculture and Welding.

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