Fuel Tank Installations, Reconditioning & Decommissioning

Fuel tank supply and install is a feature of F1 capabilities for fuel supply to satisfied customers. Tanks available for supply and install include:

  • Steel horizontal onground tanks from 500 ltres to 150,000 ltrs
  • Steel vertical tanks
  • Steel overhead tanks
  • Self bunded on ground tanks
  • Fibreglass single and double wall underground fuel storage tank
  • Glasteel (Fibreglass outer/steel inner) tanks
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Aviation fuel storage tanks

Above ground tanks are able to be supplied with ladders and catwalks to your specifications. As well as supply and install, F1 can also remove and decommission tanks on a small to large scale. The latest technology available enables F1 to decommission your tanks insitsu or completely remove, decommission and destroy your tanks in a safe, environmentally safe manner to all Australian Standards. Tanks can be upgraded or refurbished to maximize the life span of your tanks. If your tank is faulty from the inside, F1 can clean, blast and internally paint your tank with a 10 year warranty on the internal coating.

If a clean out of your tank is required, F1 have all the resources available to carry out the task in a completely safe and environmentally friendly manner, with all work carried out to EPA requirements, Australian Standards and all relevant Codes of Practice.

Small tanks can be custom built to your requirements and can be made from stainless steel, aluminium or mild steel.

For all your fuel storage tanks, from 500 ltres to 150,000 ltres, please feel free to contact Cairns' F1 Fuel and Lubrication Services Pty Ltd.


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