DAHL Fuel Filter / Water Separators

The majority of existing fuel filters aren’t designed to remove significant amounts of water. They are in fact designed to do their job in a single step. This means they must be porous enough to allow sufficient flow volume, which limits filtering ability. Any tighter media would result in frequent and expensive element changes.

The Baldwin DAHL system takes care of these shortcomings. The DAHL’s functional dual-chamber 3-stage diesel fuel filter/water separators provide efficient suction side water separation and contaminant filtration. The key to the unique DAHL system by Baldwin is the depressurizer cone, which spreads the flow of the fuel. With more area to flow over, greater separation of water and dirt from the fuel is achieved.

DAHL fuel filter / water separators have less mechanical flow resistance than other separators, because the fuel changes direction only twice. The Baldwin DAHL unit removes virtually 100% of the water and most of the contaminants from the fuel. It eliminates water from fuel, before reaching the fuel pump and injectors, thus preventing the major cause of diesel fuel injection system failure.

When used in conjunction with other world class products from F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd, such as Fueltreat, Algae-X Fuel Conditioners and Mr Funnel, your diesel system has a greater chance at working to its optimum level. Download the Baldwin Filters-DAHL Fuel Filter/Water Separators brochure.

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