Effective Way To Control & Eliminate Infestations

The Problem

At F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd we are fully aware that fuels are prone to contamination by bacteria, fungi and algae. When this happens, the results can be disastrous. Filters plug-up and engines fail, always it seems, at the worst possible time. Acids produced by bacteria increase acidity of fuel, thereby shortening the life of pumps, injectors and even lines. Resultant engine failures can be catastrophic and at times, life threatening. Even if the engines do not fail, damage caused by “bugged” fuel adds to maintenance costs far in excess of the cost of adding the Algae-X into the system. In most cases, cleaning the fuel tank just once, costs more than an Algae-X unit supplied by F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd.

The Solution

The Algae-X Fuel Treatment Units supplied by Cairns-based F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd are a proven, effective, and environmentally sound method of controlling and eliminating significant bacterial, fungal or algal infestations in diesel fuel and other related fluids. Algae-X needs little introduction to the average Marine Engineer, and is becoming better known all the time to operators of diesel applications worldwide. From fire engines to generator sets, and railways to truck transport, the Algae-X continues to provide many years of trouble free service. Anecdotal evidence suggests that increased fuel economy and lowered smoke emissions can be achieved depending on fuel quality.

How Algae-X Works

Once bacteria, moulds and yeasts in fuel have grown to be visible, their colonies consist of millions of individual cells. Very simply stated, all micro-organisms are single-celled with a membrane surrounding them. The membrane physically contains the cell and the proteins needed for survival, while maintaining separation between the internal cell and the external environment. Ions, which are electrically charged, travel across this membrane and their movement is essential for the organism’s life.

When micro-organisms are placed under the influence of a changing magnetic field, the ability of the cell to maintain the electrical and chemical potential across the cell’s membrane is greatly affected, resulting in the cell’s death. Both “Tri-Mag” and “Multi-Mag” are unique paths of fluid motion produced inside an Algae-X unit, that produce the relative changing field necessary to kill single-celled organisms.

What & How These Units Work

The Algae-X Fuel Treatment Units supplied by F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd are not a filter, nor do they supply any chemicals to destroy micro-organisms. Instead, Algae-X Units are a static magnetic inline device that creates an optimum magnetic flux field density directly responsible for destruction of the cell membrane. Exposing the microbes to a strong, changing magnetic field will ensure maximum destruction of the cells. This patented design of multiple ceramic permanent magnets located within the unit, when properly sized and strategically placed, have been shown to have a 97.5% efficiency rate in destroying the damaging micro-organisms within a single pass.

Algae-X is a cost effective, one time, permanent installation, with no moving parts, no electrical hook-up and maintenance that may require only an occasional cleaning. And unlike chemical biocides, micro-organisms which have been destroyed by the Algae-X unit do not collect at the bottom of fuel tanks. Instead, the debris stays randomly suspended in the fuel and due to their sub-micron size, easily pass through engine components. They are then burned with the fuel and leave no build-up in tanks. Remember, if you have to clean the fuel tanks once, you will most likely pay more than installing an Algae-X.


With the installation of an Algae-X Fuel Conditioning Unit the benefits are immediate.

  • Less Downtime: Installation of an Algae-X Unit can greatly reduce the inactivity of diesel engines due to breakdowns.
  • Value For Money: The cost of a Algae-X Unit can be quickly absorbed by fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Greater Profits: With less downtime, less engine repairs and less fuel consumption.
  • Environmental Issues: When a Algae-X Unit is operating, the potentially damaging sludge does not collect and requires no off-loading. Eliminate use of biocides.
  • Installation: Simple and easy to install inline.
  • Safety: Reduced chances of breakdown at sea.
  • Longevity of Operation: Algae-X Units have no moving parts, nothing to wear out or breakdown through continued use.
  • Improved Fuel Quality: Fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently.
  • Improved Engine Performance: Decrease in engine wear resulting in more power and engine efficiency.


Fuel Depot Storage Tanks

As the specialists in the fuel industry, we realise that when the Fuel Conditioning System is installed to permit periodic recirculation of bunker fuel to control contamination, you are looking at a life-long solution to your fuel storage needs. Fuel storage may then be indefinite with no chance of bacterial contamination and no biocide required. Benefits: Longer term storage facilities, remote locations. No further need to periodically visit and add chemicals, just remotely activate pump or use a timer.

Main Tanks

Recirculation of larger main tanks is good insurance against the possibility of a load of “bad” fuel. Benefits: Mainly a marine application, where larger volumes may show evidence of “bugging” over time which was not apparent when fuel was taken aboard.

Day Tanks

Highly recommended. Day tanks should be protected because they tend to be in warmer environments than main tanks. The Fuel Conditioning unit should be installed close to the engine, before the filter, and circulated ideally from one end of the tank to the other end. Benefits: By installing the Fuel Conditioning unit close to the engines, not only are bacteria destroyed, but emissions are reduced and efficiency increases.

Other Applications

On all diesel applications without day tanks, simply install the Fuel Conditioning unit close to the engine, before the filter. Ideal for the following industries: Mining, Marine, Trucking, Agriculture & Heavy Industry to name a few. Benefits: Enjoy the benefits as above.

The effectiveness of the Fuel Conditioning is independent of the medium! New market applications appear almost daily for this incredible patented technology. For example, the Fuel Conditioner clears water cooling towers of microbes, eliminating costly chemical treatment. It clears grinding and cutting fluids in machine shops, in boiler systems where iron oxide is a problem, and bio films reduce efficiency.

If you have a problem with a microbe or water in a fluid, chances are F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd can help you, with one of our numerous fuel decontamination systems, be it Baldwin filters, fuel treatment additive, fuel conditioning units or hand held fuel filters.

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