Meters Can Be Calibrated, Serviced Or Repaired

Being fully accredited with the National Measuring Institute, F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd can certify your flow meter with their fully trained staff. From gravity flow meters for overhead tanks, to large volume meters with high flow rates, all are available. Meters can be installed on fuel delivery trucks, overhead tanks, or in line from your storage facility to the fuel outlet.

F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd can set up meters on your diesel engines, to monitor your fuel usage for you. This will allow you to maximize the efficiency of your engine, which will save many dollars over a period of time. Macnaught offer a large range of meters, catering for the farming and fishing industry, as well as fleet owners and other large industries where fuel consumption is an everyday part of life.

Meters from Liquid Control (LC), Macnaught and many more from Australia’s leading suppliers of Fuel Flow Meters are also readily available.

For all your fuel flow meters calibration, fuel flow meters servicing, fuel flow meters repairs from gravity meters to overhead tanks please contact F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd on (07) 4035 6400 or

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