What is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel polishing is the process whereby diesel fuel is moved through filter media using a pump, which operates independently of any other pumps on board a vessel. Fuel polishing is most commonly found in the marine industry, in particular yachting, where vessels remain idle for extended periods of time. The typical fuel polishing system consists of a pump/motor which is electrically powered, 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC or 240VAC. The fuel polishing system also consists of a fuel filter/water separator, for example the Baldwin DAHL system and also a fuel conditioning unit which is installed inline.

One essential of a fuel polishing system is a vacuum gauge, which indicates the cleanliness status of the filter element found in the filter housing. Fuel polishing systems must be capable of removing water, very fine particles (1-5 microns in size) and most importantly, moisture. There are numerous fuel filters which do an adequate job of removing water and particulates, however, unless they remove moisture, the microbes will continue to grow in the fuel tanks.

To be effective, fuel should ideally be polished on a regular basis. The entire volume of the fuel tank should be circulated through the described filters at least once per year, or ideally every 6 months. Polishing fuel can be likened to polishing silverware, it takes many “passes” and it takes “frequent” passes, in order to maintain the fuel (silverware) in tip top condition.

With the newer diesel engines, there is a cleanliness standard which is far more stringent than that of days gone by. If you, the typical yachter or pleasure boater have experienced clogged filters, you know how aggravating that can be; not to mention the danger of engines shutting down in rough seas or critical situations.

Other fuel polishing scenarios include stationary generators, seasonally operated equipment such as agricultural pumps, mining & military.

F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd offer a complete package from analysis to treatment and prevention of contaminated fuel using world leading products from Baldwin Filters, FuelTreat Biocide 250 & Mr Funnel.

Fuel polishing is a long-term investment. If you are a “long-term” owner, then fuel polishing is critical. Simply stated, if you want your equipment to operate effectively for the long haul, invest in the services and products from F1 Petroleum Services Pty Ltd that will keep it in optimum operating condition. For further information please contact us on (07) 4035 6400 or admin@f1ps.com.au

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